Who is Digit and what do we do?

Since our launch in 2001, Digit has been steadfast in our mission to be Your Technology Navigator. Through our website, social media, magazine and more, we strive to give you all of the information about technology and gadgets that you want and need in order to make an informed buying decision. We do this by providing unbiased test results, verified information, informed opinions and expertise-driven advice about what products to buy for different use cases, and how to get the most out of them.

Digit represents the largest community of technology consumers (buyers and users) in India, and contains several sub-brands that focus on various needs – for example, SKOAR! is a brand for those who Live to Game, devworx is your road to innovation, one line of code at a time, Digit Squad is our community of micro influencers, etc. The focus of these properties and their editorial teams is not merely to publish content, but to engage with their respective communities on all platforms – web, social, print, multimedia and on-ground activities as well.

Our Editors

The Indian technology media industry is driven by hundreds of people who, at one time or another, worked and trained at Digit. We’re proud of our legacy of shaping the industry as pioneers in the field, and extremely happy that so many of our Digit family have helped scale the technology media vertical to new heights, and are helping India take over the digital world.

The Digit editors and writers seek to find new and pathbreaking ways in which to reach our audiences. Our goal is to help Indians learn how technology works, cut a path through confusing jargon, and help Indians buy the best products that their hard earned money can afford. We do this through unbiased articles, videos, reviews, social media posts, email, instant messaging and even over phone calls for our readers.

All our staff (not just editorial) follow a strict ethical and moral code of conduct. Here is a list of our editorial staff. Click on each editorial staff member’s name to see their bio.