Thinkdigit.com and Digit, the magazine, represent the largest community of technology enthusiasts in India. The focus of these properties and their editorial team is not merely to publish, but engage with the community. We offer access to the community through web (online), social media, print, multimedia and on-ground events.

Thinkdigit.com is one of the most popular technology portals in India, visited by 1.7 million unique vistors every month, collectively leading to about 3.2 million page views every month. The portal offers tech news, product reviews, gaming related content, developer specific content, downloads etc. along with a very active forum. Daily, weekly and fortnightly newsletters, targeted separately at enthusiasts, developers, gamers and SOHO owners are sent to registered users, whose number exceeds 120,000. The high level of engagement is reflected in significant time visitors spend and pages they views on an average.

Digit is India’s most read technology magazine, with a monthly readership of nearly 230,000 (Indian Readership Survey, 2011 Q2), exceeding that of several prominent business magazines and even dailies. It is sold at over 5,500 newsstands in India. It carries features about technology that touch everyday life, reviews of tech products, tips and tricks to make the most of technology and helps answers questions for technology enthusiasts. It also includes software and digital entertainment content, distributed on DVDs, that are of interest to the readers.

Digit Events provide the platform to connect with the community face to face. The events take the form of Reader Meets, College Programs & events, Webinars, Workshops, LAN parties and Bootcamps. Opportunities exist for both custom events and participating in community events.

Our associate portal consumermate.com, offers an in-depth, fiendly buying guide for several personal technology products including laptops, mobile phones, flat panel televisions and digital cameras with un-paralleled depth of content, lab test data, expert reviews, user reveiws, features, latest prices etc. It provides an opportunity to engage with the consumers when they are in evaluation stage, a super-crucial stage in brand and product choice.

About the Community

The "digit" community comprises around 800,000 technology enthusiasts across the country. The members are young, educated and use technology extensively in their personal and professional lives. They are early adopters, brand specifiers and opinion leaders in their respective local community. Friends and family turn to them for advice and recommendations on technology and technology products. Surveys indicate that an average community member influences eight other people's purchase of personal technology products. In addition to the signifiant market the community represents directly, it influences a market worth Rs. 10,000 crore for personal tech products.

Innovative Reach and engagement opportunities with the community

Our community is curious and interested to know more. They prefer innovative information channels which also help them make better decisions and sound recommendations. They can also provide useful insights to you through custom consumer panels for your products and markets.

Talk to us for ideas and examples of how you can engage with this community. Please send us an email at sales@thinkdigit.com and we will get back to you right away.

About 9.9 Group

9.9 Group is one of India’s leading speciality media companies that integrates its print, online, research and event platforms to serve highly-targeted communities. These communities include Personal Technology Enthusiasts, Gamers, Developers, CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, Manufacturing & Logistics professionals, IT professionals, Channel partners and those leading institutes of higher education, each served through a distinct set of media properties. Its leading brands include Digit, thinkdigit.com, consumermate.com, The CTO Forum, Industry 2.0, Logistics 2.0, Digit Channel Connect, SKOAR!, CFO India and Edu. The Group also runs The 9.9 School of Convergence which is focused on developing talent in journalism & media.

9.9 Group was founded by five professionals: Kanak Ghosh, Asheesh Gupta, Vikas Gupta, Anuradha Das Mathur and Pramath Raj Sinha. Its investors include Helion Venture Partners and TVS Capital Funds Ltd.