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 The Value for Money Issue - This month we help you understand how to find the sweetest deal across categories for any gadget you want to buy. The Value For Money issue w ...

DIGIT - November 2021 MAGONLY

We tested the top 10 VPNs from an Indian user’s perspective to come up with recommendations for every use case possible. If you’re looking to safeguard privacy, bypass geo-restrictions of services, or even bypass local restrictions, there’s a VPN in here for you!

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DIGIT - October 2021 MAGONLY

 Ultimate Tech Gift Guide : 100+ tech gifting ideas for everyone in your life… including yourself!  If you are wondering what to get this shopping season, we have an idea for every budget range. All of the devices here have been chosen for their incredible utility, value for money, and awesomeness. These are all easy recommendations.  

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DIGIT - September 2021 MAGONLY

 Battle of the bots: Find out about the ROVs, UUVs, AUVs, USVs, AUSVs, UGVs, ALVs, UAVs, RPAs and UCAVs in development, and how they will all work together in the battlegrounds of the future. This is what will happen when the autonomous killer robots are let loose. Apart from algorithmic bias, a lack of accountability when things go wrong, and the ethical concerns over a lack of human agency, one of the major concerns is that the world powers can go into an AI and robotics arms race, which makes it easier to go into war, and countries become reckless and adventurous.

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DIGIT - August 2021 MAGONLY

 Right to Repair: This August, we wanted to give you an insight into the recently resurfaced “Right to Repair” movement, as it is, in a way, related to how much freedom we have, or should have, when it comes to technology and the gadgets we buy. This is a touchy subject, and even within Team Digit there are those who disagree with the very idea of Right to Repair, which is exactly why it’s perfect! We want to inform you of your rights as a user but also balance it out with constraints of manufacturing and production.

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