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 The Value for Money Issue - This month we help you understand how to find the sweetest deal across categories for any gadget you want to buy. The Value For Money issue w ...

DIGIT - March 2021 MAGONLY

  Decrypting Crypto – We delve into why Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have suddenly become popular and have received major investments in recent months. While we’re at it, we’ll take a look at the current state of Blockchain technology, its adoption, how the decentralised ledger works, NFTs and more. Finally, we take a look at the journey of the crypto industry in India by going step by step through every regulatory measure introduced. Find out all about how the local laws here measure up to cryptocurrency regulation regimes around the world.

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DIGIT - February 2021 MAGONLY

 This month’s cover story is all about CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2021 and the innovative gadgets that were introduced at the first-ever digital CES event. We look at products from several categories including PC components, laptops, smartphones, entertainment appliances, home appliances, headphones, earphones, speakers, automobile, and other miscellaneous gadgets. The cover story will outline the most prominent product announcements and even give you glimpse into the Digit team’s obscure favourites.

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DIGIT - January 2021 MAGONLY

  20 in 21 - Let’s face it, 2020 has been a really weird year for the world at large. Technology actually helped save us by allowing a lot of us to continue as normal despite the pandemic. Will 2021 see us go back to normal or have we forever changed the way the world operates now? We look at 20 emerging technology trends and innovations that we feel will define 2021 and the years that follow it.

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DIGIT - December 2020 MAGONLY

 Digit Zero1 Awards 2020: In our Collector’s Edition issue, we rigorously test an array of products in different categories and announce our Digit Zero1 Awards 2020 winners.

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