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MARCH 2022

The Value for Money Issue - This month we help you understand how to find the sweetest deal across categories for any gadget you want to buy. The Value For Money issue will te ...

DIGIT - May 2020

 India Against COVID-19 In this month’s cover story, we cover an array of Indian organisations and startups that have kicked into high gear to start developing innovative solutions for the pandemic and the lockdown situation. We also delve into vaccine R&D and potential treatments being used to treat the COVID-19 patients in India. We also look at some initiatives and fundraisers started by the government and NGOs.

DIGIT - April 2020

 Geek’s guide to surviving lockdowns The recent COVID-19 outbreak has ceased life the way we know it, causing many of us to have to isolate ourselves from the world. However, learning and work must never suffer even in these trying times. For this reason, our cover story delves into how you can ensure that your work/education life is not irreparably disturbed during the COVID-19 pandemic.    


  DIGIT - February and March 2020 with 2 dvds, 2 FT, 2 Posters, 2 Skoar and 2 Digit

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DIGIT - March 2020

 Oh Internet! In this month’s cover story, learn about the myriad facets of the internet. We explore some intriguing and lesser-known practices on the internet and how they affect users. The cover story also attempts to demystify upcoming internet trends and how they will bring about the change of the internet as we know it today