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APRIL 2024

Are you safe? - With great power of the internet, come great risks.  In this issue of Digit we take a look at some of the most pressing concerns about your  online safe ...


  This month in the cover story, we take a look at a new initiative by Digit that’s aimed at encouraging Indian entrepreneurs to get the help and exposure they need in order to succeed. As a first step, we’ve partnered with a US Govt Initiative that does exactly this as well for Indian startups, and we will be giving away `1.5 million worth of free advertising to all startups in the Nexus Startup Incubator program run by ACIR and the US government. Find out more about some truly amazing Indian startups, and how you can help spread the word.


Ultimate hacks for Windows - An array of pro tips, tricks and hacks that will help you get the most out of the Windows 10 operating system. All the tips we go over in the cover story are geared towards improving the performance of machines, especially the low spec ones that might struggle under your typical workload, or increase your productivity, or boost the security of your device. For most of these tricks you don’t even need to install additional software, you only need to ensure that you have Windows updated to the latest version. While there are some registry hacks, most of the tips here should be easy enough for all our readers, irrespective of their familiarity with computers in general and Windows 10 in particular.

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DIGIT - July 2020

  A World without…………….CHINA - In this month’s cover story, we explore a hypothetical scenario about China going on strike. What happens if the world’s factory shuts down, and how will that affect the world as a whole, but also India in particular? Will we benefit in such a scenario, will anyone else?

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 Explore! In the Digit 19th anniversary issue we explore several aspects of technology, science and culture. We cover everything from exploring various hidden travel destinations in India to exploring the technology that aids archaeology.

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