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 Tech Trends 2023! - India has been reporting great progress in the technology research and development sector, and 2023 looks to be a promising year! In this issue we bring t ...


We are the Borg! What if we told you that we’re already cyborgs? That's not necessarily a good thing though. Don't  worry, resistance may not be futile... Learn about the wacky - from body hacking to transhumanism, and also look at how technology will integrate into our biological selves. That's not all, we also look at how UX and UI design may need to be completely reimagined in the near future, when we’ve been assimilated by tech.  

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  Cover Story : Mod Everything and The Next Decade Why settle for a stock experience when you can customise everything? re focusing on everything that you can do to improve your experience with your personal computers and gadgets. In the second half of the magazine, we’re ponder about all that science and technology have in store for us over the next decade. We even reached out to industry experts to get their opinions on how the hottest technology domains will evolve over the next 10 years.

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DIGIT - MAY 2018

  Delete Yourself After the recent turn of events, almost everybody is worried about big corporations using their data to influence their decisions. We explore how it has been done, who else does it and how you can mess with the system.

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  Beyond the BULL Don’t you hate it when tech companies invent mumbo jumbo to market their new products. When specifications that look good on paper don’t really match up to real world performance? You should be pissed, after all, you are paying with your hard earned money and a steeping pile of bullshit is the last thing you want. In this Digit issue, we are unmasking the technobabble that tech companies rely on rather than pure R&D. With this issue, we aim to wisen you up to all these marketing tactics and so that you can approach your next purchase as a better informed consumer.

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