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MARCH 2023

 Women in Tech! – In this month’s cover story we attempt to highlight the past and present of over 10 senior women techies so it can inform and educate the future ...


  Beyond the BULL Don’t you hate it when tech companies invent mumbo jumbo to market their new products. When specifications that look good on paper don’t really match up to real world performance? You should be pissed, after all, you are paying with your hard earned money and a steeping pile of bullshit is the last thing you want. In this Digit issue, we are unmasking the technobabble that tech companies rely on rather than pure R&D. With this issue, we aim to wisen you up to all these marketing tactics and so that you can approach your next purchase as a better informed consumer.

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 Cardboard Fun Cardboard is a ubiquitous material that can be used for so many purposes other than just transporting stuff from point A to B. Via the pages that follow, we hope to encourage your self-expression and creativity, using humble cardboard (and tech). We challenge you to make geekier DIYs, document them with photos and videos, and then share them with us, and the best of the lot will be showcased proudly to over two million of our social media followers, and also win surprise gifts. So what are you waiting for? Get famous!

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 Terrified of Tech Although we’re all tech enthusiasts and generally associate it with all things good, this time we’ve explored everything in the world of technology that can be used against you in 2018, and what you can do to prevent that.  

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 Artificial idiots  Look anywhere and you’ll see AI being hailed as the next revolution in the world of technology. We’re not entirely convinced as we take a look at the progress of artificial intelligence, what it can really do, and how it’s going to affect our lives.  

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