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Dec 2023 + Jan 2024

 DIGIT - Dec 2023 and Jan 2024 with FT, Rewind, Posters, Geek Calendar, Digit and e-dvd's ...



 The Rise of AI – We take a deep dive into the rapidly evolving world of AI. Experience - Sony Float Run Headphones - Sony’s latest earbuds with a quirky design fit the bill for fitness enthusiasts? Digit Diary – A sneak peak into all the shenanigans from the Digit Test Centres in Mumbai and Noida.

DIGIT - Dec 2023 + Jan 2024

 DIGIT - Dec 2023 and Jan 2024 with FT, Rewind, Posters, Geek Calendar, Digit and e-dvd's

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 24 Unpopular Tech Opinions – This time we start the year by starting discussions about tech. We bring to you some unpopular opinions from the world of tech to start your year with Boo-Man – Our resident complainer, Boo-Man has a few words to say about foldable smartphones. Top 10 – We bring to you the latest and greatest Top 10 gadgets from some of the most popular categories.

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Zero1 & Best Buy Awards 2023 – This is officially the 23rd Digit Zero1 Awards, something we started in 2001 as a way to hero the best-performing products in multiple categories. We started this off back then in order to hero devices that were heavily R&D driven, that were pushing the boundaries of performance, because, let’s face it, if we can afford it, all of us want to buy the absolute best of the best. The Digit Zero1 Awards was the challenge laid down to our Test Centre and to all of the hundreds of reviewers who have worked for us over the past 23 years... it was the end goal we all had in mind every time we tested a new product, and every time we added on a new product category to test. The Digit Zero1 Awards are the reason why Digit has the most comprehensive testing methodologies for the most product categories tested by a media house across the country! We have to test more thoroughly and more comprehensively, because at the very highest end of every product category, the difference between competing products can often narrow down to a sliver. At the high-performance end of the market, many other ‘reviewers’ will end up offering opinions instead of facts and rely on subjective scoring instead of objective testing because their test processes just aren’t as detailed and rigorous as ours. The product that wins the Digit Zero1 Award in a category in 2023 will actually be held up as the defining product of that year, and it will be what we pit all products that come the next year against. For example, we will use the winner of the Digit Zero1 Award 2023 for Best Gaming Laptop to measure the performance increase of the 2024 winner, and thus know how far the industry has improved in sheer performance terms. As hard as we try, we may not be able to test all products launched in a category, we are human and need sleep, you know! For the Best Buy Award that accompanies the Zero1 Award, we do go back to considering value for money or performance-to-price ratios to ensure we arrive at which product is the "Best Buy" in a category for a given year.

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