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May 2020

 India Against COVID-19 In this month’s cover story, we cover an array of Indian organisations and startups that have kicked into high gear to start developing innovati ...



 Digit Zero1 Awards 2020: In our Collector’s Edition issue, we rigorously test an array of products in different categories and announce our Digit Zero1 Awards 2020 winners.


 Everything is not awesome! - Technology and geek culture is something we spend a lot of time praising in this magazine, however, there are a few aspects of our lives that have changed forever thanks to tech, and not all of it has been good. This month we run you through a list of 20 things we think technology and its associated cultural movement have ruined forever – from movies to music, photography, videography, games, books, dating, socialising, creativity, brain power, the planet, us as a species, and much more...

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 tiny TOMORROW - This month’s cover story takes a deep dive into the tiny, tiny world of nanotechnology. We give you a quick crash course in all things nano, and explain all the jargon you are likely to encounter when reading about it. Once your comfortable with the terminology, we’ll take a fascinating journey into how nanomaterials are manufactured, and then walk you through all of the most exciting developments we have seen in the field over the past decade. These include massive improvements and promise for the fields of medicine, electronics, manufacturing, photovoltaics, and even weapons! Finally, we take you into the future, and show you the life you could be living in 10 or 20 years, thanks to improvements in nanotech. Exciting times! 

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  This month in the cover story, we take a look at a new initiative by Digit that’s aimed at encouraging Indian entrepreneurs to get the help and exposure they need in order to succeed. As a first step, we’ve partnered with a US Govt Initiative that does exactly this as well for Indian startups, and we will be giving away `1.5 million worth of free advertising to all startups in the Nexus Startup Incubator program run by ACIR and the US government. Find out more about some truly amazing Indian startups, and how you can help spread the word.